King Single Pure Fusion Adjustable Massage Bed

Our King Single Fusion Adjustable Massage Bed is made ideally for one person.  You will never have to compromise your sleeping position again as you can get comfortable into your favourite sleeping position at the touch of a button. Our king single sized adjustable massage bed is packed with fantastic features: Raising...
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Our King Single Fusion Adjustable Massage Bed is made ideally for one person.  You will never have to compromise your sleeping position again as you can get comfortable into your favourite sleeping position at the touch of a button.

Our king single sized adjustable massage bed is packed with fantastic features:

Raising Back: you can adjust the head of the bed anywhere from flat to 90 degrees as needed. This can help a number of medical ailments, such as:

• Back pain or neck pain

• Hip or knee problems

• Breathing difficulties (such as apnoea, asthma, and emphysema)

• Various reflux conditions, including GORD

• Chronic joint pain conditions

Foot Raise — maximum flexibility in leg settings, whether you need your entire leg raised, or only from the knee. This means improved circulation, and ALL the health benefits that go along with it.

Up to 2 independent preset settings.  There is the option to preset up to 2 positions, so you can completely customise the bed position to your specific preferences.

With its wireless remote, it’s absolutely ideal to use the remote for personal needs whether they be medical or luxury.

And the best part is our Double Adjustable Massage Bed has a wide range of functions that allow you to complete everyday tasks like eating, taking medication, getting in or out of bed. All this can be done without disturbing the person in the other half of the bed.

All of our Adjustable Beds are constructed with Okin motors and come with a 10-year warranty, so you can be confident you are buying a reliable, long-lasting product.

Standard features include:

• Head and leg elevation to allow the user optimal comfort

• Steel frame design

• Weight tested up to 250kg (each side)

• Heavy duty Okin motors

• Multiple adjustable positions

• Height Adjustable Legs

• Lockable hospital wheels - available on request

• 10 Year Warranty

Extra features of the bed:

• LED Down Light

• Vibration Massage with auto timer

• Okin Motors with a 10 year warranty

• Zero Gravity Function

• Wireless remote with Torch

• Wall Hugger Feature

• USB Ports

• Height Adjustable Legs

• Optional Bluetooth Control

• Memory Functions


Hypoallergenic fabrics are in basic terms those that were created without any harmful chemical substance, which has been known to be the main trigger for irritation and allergic reactions. Should you choose a Hypoallergenic mattress? Our verdict is YES YES YES. If you have a chance to select hypoallergenic fabric, especially for your clothing and home use, always go for it. They will not only be good for your skin and health, but you are also doing the environment a favour, by choosing fabrics that were naturally and ethically made.

Dust Mites

Bedding is a haven for dust mites, thousands of which can feed, breed, and live on a single gram of dust. Allergy-proof bedding --covers for mattresses, pillows, and doonas - are routinely recommended by allergists to prevent inhaling the dust that carries mite droppings, causing allergies and worsening asthma. We choose to use dust mite resilient mattress covers to protect your health, plus dist mite cannot live in memory foam as there is no sustainable eco-system for them to feed on... It's a WIN WIN.

Bamboo Covers

The clever, breathable bamboo fabric is exceptionally good in a wide range of temperatures so that wearers can relax and be nice and cool in the summer and feel cozy and warm in the winter months. Bamboo fabric is very strong and amazingly resilient for such a soft-feeling material, and again Bamboo resist allergens because they it is a naturally hypoallergenic natural fibre.

You can also unzip our covers and pop them in the wash- making it the cleanest and healthiest mattress you may ever own.

LED Down Light

Hate getting up in the middle of the night and having to turn all the lights on just to make your way around the room to get to the bathroom or check on that noise. Well to make it easier for you and to stop you from waking the household, we have added LED lights under our beds that are able to be turned on by your remote. This will help you move around your room in the middle of the night with ease.

Vibration Massage with auto timer

Every wanted to fall asleep while having a massage? Now you can! With 10,20 or 30 minute settings you can fall asleep knowing that you are getting help with pain and toxin removal  just from laying in your bed.

Okin Motors with a 10 year warranty

We only use the best! And the best is OKIN Motors which is a German owned company that supply good quality motors with a 10 year warranty for peace of mind.

Zero Gravity Function

Semi Fowler’s Position, commonly known as Zero Gravity is when the upper body is elevated to a 45 - 60 degree angle. This position is utilized to facilitate breathing and promote healing after some surgeries.

Wireless remote with Torch

When the power goes out and you are searching for candles or lighting of some kind, you can now use the remote as a torch with 1 touch of a button.

Wall Hugger Feature

So what is a wall hugger adjustable bed? As your body is lifted using your adjustable bed remote, the bed also glides back with a wall hugger. This maintains your body near its original placement, just raised up, not forward. Now with the wall hugger, you don’t have to reach awkwardly to pick up your book and remote control or risk spilling your drink. You stay put as you raise and lower through positions with all the things you need at arm’s reach. People find this to be useful.

USB Port

No longer do you need to hunt the house for a USB port to charge your phone or tablet, our beds have dual ports on each side of the bed to offer the convenience of easy charging.

Height Adjustable Legs

Depending on your bedroom suite or mobility bed height can play a major part in helping you get in and out of bed. So to make sure the bed height is suited to your needs, our adjustable legs can be altered from 10cm up to 25cm high depending on your personal needs.

Optional Bluetooth Control

Do you ever lose your remote? We can fix that! Our beds now bluetooth link to our Better Living App. This gives you all the functions of your standard remote and a few more added features such as setting an alarm that will flick on the massage function to wake you in the morning. This gives your body a chance to wake up and circulate the blood before you step out of bed.

Memory Functions

Finding the right position has been made easier with our memory functions. This means you can find your ideal sleep position or reading position and save it for the next time you are in bed.

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