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Introducing our Pure Fusion Mattress This mattress was engineered for sleep. We have purposefully built the Pure Fusion Mattress to satisfy sleepers of all positions... Side, back and yes, even tummy! We know changing life-long habits can be challenging, so while you are adapting to sleeping in your new elevated...
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Introducing our Pure Fusion Mattress

This mattress was engineered for sleep. We have purposefully built the Pure Fusion Mattress to satisfy sleepers of all positions... Side, back and yes, even tummy! We know changing life-long habits can be challenging, so while you are adapting to sleeping in your new elevated position, we have your back - literally. Side sleeping has never been so comfortable!

Let's get to know the layers and what they can do for you:

1. Bamboo Removable Cover
Our Bamboo covers offer softness, breathability and durability while being Hypoallergenic & dust-mite resistant.

2. Perfect Ambience Foam
Our specially crafted foam offers support and comfort without feeling pressure. A Top and Bottom layer!

3. Active Charcoal Layer
Charcoal is renowned for its antibacterial and purifying properties. Helping keep your mattress smelling fresh and clean.

4. Dual Core Zone
Our Dual Core Zone has been engineered to allow total support and alignment whether you are sleeping elevated or flat. Perfect for every type of sleep.

We understand that it's hard to find one mattress the suits everyone, but what if that could be true? Imagine... one amazing mattress that can literally cater to everyone? If you love soft to medium, we have the perfect mattress for you. But if you love a firmer mattress, we also have the perfect mattress for you. You will love the added value that our 10-year warranty brings too - that is a DECADE of peace of mind for you and your family.

Our Pure Fusion Mattress comes in the following sizes:

  • 76cm Wide x 203cm Long x 23cm High = Dual Queen Bed Single Side
  • 91cm Wide x 203cm Long x 23cm High = Dual King Bed Single Side or an Adult Single
  • 99cm Wide x 203cm Long x 23cm High = California Dual King Bed Single Side or a King Single
  • 138cm Wide x 203cm Long x 23cm High = Double Bed.


Dust Mite Resistant

Bedding is a haven for dust mites, thousands of which can feed, breed, and live on a single gram of dust. Allergy-proof bedding covers for mattresses, pillows, and doonas - are routinely recommended by allergists to prevent inhaling the dust that carries mite droppings, causing allergies and worsening asthma. We choose to use dust mite resistant mattress covers to protect your health, plus dust mites cannot live in memory foam as there is no sustainable eco-system for them to feed on... It's a WIN WIN.

Hypoallergenic Materials

Hypoallergenic fabrics are in basic terms those that were created without any harmful chemical substance, which has been known to be the main trigger for irritation and allergic reactions. Should you choose a Hypoallergenic mattress? If you have a chance to select hypoallergenic fabric, especially for your clothing and home use, always go for it. They will not only be good for your skin and health, but you are also doing the environment a favour, by choosing fabrics that were naturally and ethically made.

Breathable Bamboo Covers

The clever, breathable bamboo fabric is exceptionally good in a wide range of temperatures so that wearers can relax and be nice and cool in the summer and feel cozy and warm in the winter months. Bamboo fabric is very strong and amazingly resilient for such a soft-feeling material, and again Bamboo resists allergens because it is a hypoallergenic natural fibre. 

Inner Spring Free

Our mattresses are medical grade high-density memory foam designed to give you total support. The Perfect Ambience Foam is formulated to keep your body cooler while you sleep, while our Dual Core Zone has been specifically engineered to give total spinal support for both elevated and side sleepers.

Customer Reviews

Why did I wait so long?

The beds are very comfortable and easy to use, very relaxing to go to sleep with the aid of massage feature. I suffer from osteo arthritis in both shoulders and lower back pain, I am able to sleep on my back now because I can ease the pain in my back by raising the head and foot of the bed.

Rob ~ April 2022

So happy we made the purchase

We were delighted to come across a Better Living bed display at a local show where we were told that the bed would fit inside our existing frame. We made the decision there and then to purchase the bed. The delivery was so prompt we hardly had time to empty and remove the bladder of our waterbed.

Faysie ~ March 2022


The additional body support provided by being able to put our feet up has been SO relaxing and the massage helps us relax and go to sleep quickly after a hard day of farm chores. An added bonus is that both my husband and I can sleep with different adjustments in the same bed

Ruth ~ March 2022

Beyond expectations

"I came home after major spinal surgery in the beginning of August 2022. My bed I had at the time was so hard it was impossible for me to sleep on it. The first night out of hospital I had to sleep on the couch with pillows to support me. The next day I called better living - they were amazing. They not only helped me choose my options, they had the bed delivered and installed the same day. I know they worked after hours to help me, and I cannot tell them enough how grateful I am for the excellent service and help they gave me. "

Tait ~ September 2022

I should have done this sooner

"I am so happy with my new bed! It does exactly what I wanted. The massage feature and being able to adjust the head and feet have helped with my aches and pains from being on my feet all day. I can’t thank Tarina enough. She listened to me and gave me great advice. The bed being endorsed by the TGA meant a lot to me."

Del ~ September 2022

Great service

"I'm not one for spending money really (my wife says I'm a tightwad), but six years ago when I first lay on the Better Living Bed, I knew I had to buy one. Well, I can honestly say that I have never regretted once buying our bed. It's just so comfy and inviting that go to bed early now. Thanks, Better Living Beds."

Stephen ~ August 2022

Great investment!

So glad we bought this bed. It's Super comfy and we love all the features. Hubby sleeps much better now as he can elevate his head instead of stacking his pillows which has helped with his snoring so I can also get a better sleep now.

Far North Queensland ~ July 2022


Best bed we have had!

Have had the bed for 4 months now and are sleeping better than ever. The individually adjustable sides have made it easy for us to setup to what suits ourselves and the massage function certanly helps with a better nights sleep. It has been so good we bought one for our caravan.

Greater Melbourne Victoria ~ July 2022


Wonderful bed

The most comfortable bed we’ve bought. Don’t wake up with sore hips and shoulders. Had the bed for approx 6 weeks. Love the massage setting very relaxing looking forward to a lot more good nights on the bed.

Bec ~ May 2022

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