Caravan/Boat - Dual Queen Pure Fusion Adjustable Massage Bed

The wait is over! We have been listening and are proud to launch our new Pure Fusion Adjustable Caravan Bed!! All of the luxuries of home can now be experienced while you travel! Enjoy better sleep and less pain while you relax in your holiday surroundings. Our Caravan Beds are...
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The wait is over! We have been listening and are proud to launch our new Pure Fusion Adjustable Caravan Bed!! All of the luxuries of home can now be experienced while you travel! Enjoy better sleep and less pain while you relax in your holiday surroundings. Our Caravan Beds are super lightweight and custom sizing is available. They allow for easy self-installation and we ship Australia wide.

Specifications for Adjustable Queen Pure Fusion Caravan Bed
Total Weight: 39.5kg per side (Total Weight 79kgs)
Base: 72cm W x 190cm L x 10cm H x 27.5kg
Total Size with Mattress: Rounded Ends 76cm W x 194cm L x 23cm H x 12kg

Adjustable Beds Built for Comfort & Support

If you're planning a weekend away or an extended trip in your caravan or boat, you want to make sure that you're comfortable. Since you'll be spending half your time asleep, it's important that you have the right bed for rest and relaxation so that you can enjoy your holiday.  

Better Living Australia makes custom adjustable beds for your caravan and boat, meaning that you don’t have to compromise on your sleep quality while you’re on the road.

Adjustable beds are becoming a popular lifestyle choice for people that want their bed to do more for them than just lie flat. Our beds are purchased for their health benefits and for the luxury, flexibility and wellbeing elements that they provide.

Stay healthy on the road

Our adjustable beds can be personalised to your needs, helping with your unique aches and pains while reducing pressure on your heart by improving blood circulation while you sleep. Our beds offer the ‘Zero Gravity’ position, which elevates your head and raises your feet slightly higher than your heart, relieving stress on your body by evenly distributing your weight to give the feel of pressureless sleep. This also reduces pressure on your heart, and that has got to be a good thing!

This position helps relieve back pain and increases blood circulation too, but each body will have a different zero gravity position and we are here to help you find your best sleeping position. Many people suffering from muscle aches, joint pain, sciatica, arthritis, swollen legs and feet, acid reflux, heartburn and breathing problems find this position very relaxing and may be found to be pain free.

Relieve snoring in a confined space

Snoring and sleep apnea are common grievances that can affect the sleep of you and your partner. Adjustable beds can help by elevating your head to reduce the pressure on your throat muscles, easing the severity of your snoring. No-one wants to be stuck in a caravan or on a boat unable to escape loud snoring!

A more flexible piece of furniture

Adjustable beds are a good option for confined spaces like caravans and boats because they can be manipulated into different positions to have more uses rather than just sleeping. Sit upright in your adjustable bed to enjoy television, read a book, or work on your laptop, without having to pile pillows precariously.

Enjoy your holiday in Luxury

Better Living Australia’s adjustable beds are packed with features that let you enjoy your holiday in luxury. Our Pure Fusion Mattress moulds to your body to give you the most comfortable night's sleep, plus our inbuilt Whole Body Vibration Massage includes different speeds and a 10, 20 or 30 minute timer so that you can fall asleep while being massaged. Bliss!

Our beds also feature useful technology to make your life easier, under bed lighting, wireless remotes, memory functions to save your favourite sleep positions and of course our amazing Pure Fusion Mattress all with a huge 10 year warranty!

Standard Features

Head and Leg Elevation For Optimal Comfort

Super Lightweight Frame Design

Heavy Duty Okin Motors With 10 Years Warranty

Multiple Adjustable Positions

USB Ports A and C

LED Underbed Lighting

Pure Fusion Mattress with Rounded Corners

Easy Self Installation

Extra Features

Vibration Massage With Auto Timer

Zero Gravity Function

Wireless Remote With Torch

Optional Bluetooth Control

Memory Functions

Pure Fusion Mattress Comes With 10 Year Warranty

Deal With a Professional Australian Business

Washable Bamboo Covers

BlueTooth Remote

The Better Living Australia App allows you to control your bed via a smart phone or tablet.

Inner Spring Free

Our mattresses are medical grade high density memory foam designed to give you total support.

Dust Mite Resistant

Our Adjustable Beds are covered in a natural bamboo breathable material which is dust mite resistant.

Therapeutic adjustable beds
Therapeutic Adjustable Beds

Our Adjustable Beds provide infinite positions to alleviate specific pressure where needed.

Memory foam pillow
Memory Foam Pillows

Our pillows include a blended cotton side for breathable comfort and an icy silk side for hotter months.

vibration massage therapy
Vibrational Massage Therapy

All Better Living Therapeutic Adjustable Beds come standard with Whole Body Vibrational Massage Therapy.

Pure Fusion Mattress

This mattress is engineered for sleep. It's purposefully built to satisfy sleepers of all positions - side, back and tummy! We know changing lifelong habits can be challenging, so while you're adapting to sleeping in your new elevated poisition, we have your back...side sleeping has never been so comfortable!  

Easy-to-use Tech

All Better Living Australia beds come with easy-to-use technology, designed to maximise your comfort and accessibility. Use your wireless remote or control your bed with your phone using our Bluetooth App - our App even lets you set an alarm to turn on the massage function to wake you in the morning. Our beds also come with handy USB ports to charge your phone or tablet on each side of the bed, and our remotes include a built-in torch.

Seamlessly Change Position

We make changing your bed position easy with our 'wall hugger' feature. When you change bed position from lying flat to raising your head, the bed glides back so that it remains flush with the wall - meaning you don't have to reach awkwardly to pick up your book or remote control. You stay put as you raise and lower through positions with all the things you need at arm's reach.

Hypoallergenic Dust-Mite Free Fabric

Our bed systems, mattresses and sheets are made from quality, natural hypoallergenic fabrics and materials. Our clever, breathable dust-mite resistant bamboo mattress covers are also perfect for a wide range of temperatures so that you can be cool in the summer, and feel cozy in winter. Bamboo fabric is very strong and durable for such a soft-feeling material. You can also unzip our covers and pop them in the wash.

Full List of Features

USB Ports

No longer do you need to hunt the house for a USB port to charge your phone or tablet. Our beds have dual ports on each side of the bed to offer the convenience of easy charging.

Okin Motors with a 10-year Warranty

We only use the best! And the best is OKIN Motors, which is a German company that supplies good quality motors with a 10-year warranty for peace of mind.

Zero Gravity Function

Semi Fowler’s Position, commonly known as Zero Gravity is when the upper body is elevated to a 45-60 degree angle. This position is used to facilitate breathing and promote healing after some surgeries.

Dust Mites

Bedding is a haven for dust mites, thousands of which can feed, breed, and live on a single gram of dust. Allergy-proof bedding covers for mattresses, pillows, and doonas are routinely recommended by allergists to prevent inhaling the dust that carries mite droppings, causing allergies and worsening asthma. We choose to use dust mite resistant mattress covers to protect your health, plus dust mites cannot live in memory foam as there is no sustainable ecosystem for them to feed on... It's a WIN WIN.

Hypoallergenic Fabrics

Hypoallergenic fabrics are made without any harmful chemical substances, known to be the main trigger for irritation and allergic reactions. Should you choose a hypoallergenic mattress? If you have a chance to select hypoallergenic fabric, especially for your clothing and home use, always go for it. They will not only be good for your skin and health, but you are also doing the environment a favour, by choosing fabrics that were naturally and ethically made.

LED Down Lights

Hate getting up in the middle of the night and having to turn on all the lights on just to make your way around the room to get to the bathroom or check on that noise? Well, to make it easier for you and to stop you from waking the household, we have added LED lights under our beds that are able to be turned on by your remote. This will help you move around your room in the middle of the night with ease, and not disturb your partner.

Wireless Remote with Torch and Memory Functions

Finding the right position has been made easier with our memory functions. This means you can find your ideal sleep position or reading position and save it for the next time you are in bed.

When the power goes out and you are searching for candles or lighting of some kind, you can now use the remote as a torch with one touch of a button.

Bamboo Covers

The clever, breathable bamboo fabric we use for our mattress covers is exceptionally good in a wide range of temperatures so that you can be nice and cool in summer and feel cozy and warm in winter. Bamboo fabric is very strong and amazingly resilient for such a soft-feeling material, and bamboo resist allergens because it is a hypoallergenic natural fibre. 

Vibration Massage with Auto Timer

Ever wanted to fall asleep while having a massage? Now you can! With 10, 20 or 30 minute settings you can fall asleep knowing that your lymphatic system may be getting a boost and removing those daily toxins from your system. Plus you get the added bonus of being lulled to sleep with the hum of the vibration.


Flexible Finance Options

An Adjustable Bed is a big investment in your health as well as a large financial investment.

We offer you a range of buy now, pay later finance options, including Payright and Humm, to make sure you can sleep well at night without putting stress on your wallet.

Simply choose a payment schedule that works for you, and pay off your balance before the due date to incur no extra fees. Talk to our friendly staff today for more information, or choose Payright or Humm in your online checkout. We also accept cash, credit card, bank transfer, bank cheque and eftpos.


Customer Reviews
Why did I wait so long?

The beds are very comfortable and easy to use, very relaxing to go to sleep with the aid of massage feature. I suffer from osteo arthritis in both shoulders and lower back pain, I am able to sleep on my back now because I can ease the pain in my back by raising the head and foot of the bed.

Rob ~ April 2022

So happy we made the purchase

We were delighted to come across a Better Living bed display at a local show where we were told that the bed would fit inside our existing frame. We made the decision there and then to purchase the bed. The delivery was so prompt we hardly had time to empty and remove the bladder of our waterbed.

Faysie ~ March 2022


The additional body support provided by being able to put our feet up has been SO relaxing and the massage helps us relax and go to sleep quickly after a hard day of farm chores. An added bonus is that both my husband and I can sleep with different adjustments in the same bed

Ruth ~ March 2022

Beyond expectations

I came home after major spinal surgery in the beginning of August 2022. My bed I had at the time was so hard it was impossible for me to sleep on it. The first night out of hospital I had to sleep on the couch with pillows to support me. The next day I called better living - they were amazing. They not only helped me choose my options, they had the bed delivered and installed the same day. I know they worked after hours to help me, and I cannot tell them enough how grateful I am for the excellent service and help they gave me.

Tait ~ September 2022

I should have done this sooner

I am so happy with my new bed! It does exactly what I wanted. The massage feature and being able to adjust the head and feet have helped with my aches and pains from being on my feet all day. I can’t thank Tarina enough. She listened to me and gave me great advice. The bed being endorsed by the TGA meant a lot to me.

Del ~ September 2022

Great service

I'm not one for spending money really (my wife says I'm a tightwad), but six years ago when I first lay on the Better Living Bed, I knew I had to buy one. Well, I can honestly say that I have never regretted once buying our bed. It's just so comfy and inviting that go to bed early now. Thanks, Better Living Beds.

Stephen ~ August 2022

Great investment!

So glad we bought this bed. It's Super comfy and we love all the features. Hubby sleeps much better now as he can elevate his head instead of stacking his pillows which has helped with his snoring so I can also get a better sleep now.

Far North Queensland ~ July 2022


Best bed we have had!

Have had the bed for 4 months now and are sleeping better than ever. The individually adjustable sides have made it easy for us to setup to what suits ourselves and the massage function certanly helps with a better nights sleep. It has been so good we bought one for our caravan.

Greater Melbourne Victoria ~ July 2022


Wonderful bed

The most comfortable bed we’ve bought. Don’t wake up with sore hips and shoulders. Had the bed for approx 6 weeks. Love the massage setting very relaxing looking forward to a lot more good nights on the bed.

Bec ~ May 2022

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