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Will the Adjustable Massage Bed fit in to my existing bed frame at home?

If you already have a existing Australian standard size bed surround that has wooden slats we are able to fit your new Adjustable Bed to what you already have- we have a few different methods to be able to achieve this. This way you can get the amazing comfort plus your bedroom can stay exactly as you like it.

What sheets can I use on the bed?

You can use your standard sheets for the size of the bed, a fitted sheet has enough depth in it will normally not effect the adjusting of the bed on either side.

Can I use an electric blanket?

You can! But always make sure cords are kept away from moving parts.

Do I need to turn the mattress?

No. The mattress should never need to be turned or rotated. Please note that one side of the mattress has a high density foam, if you do decide to turn the mattress it will offer you a much firmer support. If you prefer a firmer mattress please give it a try.

Can I wash the mattress covers?

Yes, simply unzip the mattress covers and place into a cold wash - DO NOT place in dryer.Text

Doe the massage have a timer?

To set the timer for the massage press the TIMER button once for 10mins, twice for 20mins and 3 times for 30mins, then increase the intensity using the up arrows at the bottom of the remote. There are 3 levels of intensity and 4 different massage functions.

Are you registered with the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration)?

Yes, Our registration number is: 225564

Are you an NDIS provider?

Yes, Our provider number is: 4050023798 - We are happy to assist through the plan management process.

The brand of our motors is OKIN Refined Electric Technology Co. Ltd

The brand of our motors is OKIN Refined Electric Technology Co. Ltd

I thought adjustable beds were just for hospitals and nursing homes?

That has certainly been true in the past, but in the last 10-15 years or so there has been a huge change in the way adjustable beds are used. They are very much a lifestyle purchase these days for the average home. People read books, newspapers in bed, watch TV, work on their computers.....did you know nearly half of all LCD TV's end up in the bedroom. Also over 80% of us experience some form of back pain at some time in our life, and the zero gravity position is just perfect for sleeping or relaxing in bed.

If we have a power cut, will the bed be stuck in position?

All our adjustable beds feature an emergency lowering button, powered by a battery in the control unit. This allows the bed to be lowered into the flat position.


Do you deliver Australia wide?

We sell and deliver our Adjustable Massage Beds Australia wide, depending on your location we can install your new bed for you at the same time removing the old mattress from your home. If we cannot install then we can also have the bed freighted directly to your home.

Do you offer a pick up option?

Yes of course! Let your sleep consultant know you would prefer to pick your new bed up and they will provide you with the location and time.

Do you offer bed installation?

Yes! Depending on your location we may be able to install your new bed for you!

Can you move my old bed to another room?

We can move your old bed to another room in your home or in to storage on your property. Just let the delivery team prior to delivery and they will have this sorted for you.


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