Our Customers Stories

We want to commend you and your associates for the courteous and professional manner at the point of sale , on delivery & installation and when we sought advice on a number of occasions since.

The beds purchased by us and Trevor's sister have proved very beneficial for comfort and health purposes for which we are most grateful.

We cannot recommend Better Living Australia products too highly and trust that you will continue to offer your excellent services for many years to come


Your company has restored my faith in customers service.

From the ladies on the phone (Shayley) to the delivery driver (Josh), I can't recommend them high enough for their service.

It was excellent and I believe they went above and beyond.

Thank you for employing such nice people.


We purchased 2 king single beds in November 2019. Our old bed was removed by better living Australia and the new ones installed in no time. Previously we slept in separate rooms because hubby snores like thunder. We now sleep in the same room thanks to these great beds. Absolutely no snoring.

We read a lot so the elevation of the head end is great. Love the massage. The beds are heaps better than we could possibly have imagined. Staff are great to deal with. Would most certainly recommend better living Australia if looking for a great adjustable bed.


In 2016 I (Rob) was diagnosed with a significant cancer that amongst other things required surgery. That surgery rearranged my digestive system to a point where
reflux became a real issue.

To mitigate the reflux I had to sleep on my right side and elevate my head and chest using pilows. Not the most comfortable position!

We met Better Living at the Caravan show in Brisbane and resisted the urge to to jump straight in. We explored the market in traditional bedding shops
and were told that a split queen would be to narrow for us etc etc. After doing our research we again visited Better Living and made our purchase in Sept 2020.

The split queen is fantastic no space issues at all. I can elevate my head and chest and sleep on my right or left side in total comfort.

The bed was delivered, set up without any fuss and my/our sleep has been fantastic since. I have not suffered from the aforementioned reflux since, and sleep comes easily.

We are extremely impressed with the team at Better Living, a recent small warranty issue was fixed within 24 hours of reporting.
The customer service has been extraordinarily good, in closing we highly recommend the product and the company.


I recently purchased a split king adjustable electric bed from Better Living.

My husband and I are really enjoying the super comfortable mattress, the remote controls which have many options, and the USB ports on each side of the bed.

Pre sale I found Suzy extremely helpful in answering all the queries I had while deciding if an electric bed was right for our needs.

My husband is the fussiest critic with mattresses and tells me that it is the best bed he has ever slept in. The entire process was a delight and I would wholeheartedly recommend the service and product.


First off I have to say, I love my bed. It is one of the best decisions I’ve made. My husband and I were in desperate need of a new bed but weren’t sure what to get. We were recommended to try out a Better Living adjustable bed. After giving it a try and playing around with the features we decided to jump in and purchase one and we are so glad we did! I rave about my bed to everyone! Anyone who comes over I tell them they must try it out. I get some of the best sleep I have ever had and am now spoilt because having to sleep anywhere else now just doesn’t meet my expectations anymore. The little extra touches like USB ports and a light underneath just take it to the next level. The service was impeccable and the staff were so helpful and friendly. Anyone thinking about trying one, just bite the bullet and do it! You won’t look back!


The bed is DIVINE! I've had three nights of blissful sleep.

The first night I woke up three times but fell back to sleep each time quite quickly. The second night I woke once but last night I slept straight through. I've not done that for 30 years, since I had the first road accident and cracked my spine. Wow!

Can't wait to get to bed now - LOVE IT!

Before it was always painful after a few hours even with a firm orthopaedic bed.

The leg lift is actually beneficial in recovery from the surgery on my knee. It relaxes all the leg and ankle muscles.

So, glad to not be sleeping in the lazy boy chair anymore



I received my bed on 29/8/19, Nicholas & Nick installed it in no time, they were very nice, polite & efficient but then all of the staff, salesman, Rob, the delightful Young ladies who organized the delivery, Chanel & Shayley to Suzie lovely owner of the business all were a pleasure to deal with. The bed exceeded my expectations, even though I am in a lot of pain, when I get into bed I put the massager on and fall asleep within minutes. Another benefit, that was unexpected, I perspire profusely whilst asleep, in the morning my back and hair were always wet as was my bed & pillow. Since sleeping in the new bed this has not happened, I bought the pillow that goes with the bed and in the morning it is dry and has been for the last 5 mornings, I’m over the moon, I really love my new bed and would recommend it to anyone, also the company, they are sensational.


Do not notice that it is actually two beds. They go so well together. Upper part of bed adjusts for reading, or great if have cold symptoms and want head end propped up. Feet end raises very smoothly also. I like to use it for circulation benefits.

My husband likes using the massage function. It is great that we can choose individually. There is no sleep disturbance from partner moving at night. I sleep comfortably on back or side.

My husband has back problems and finds the bed very comfortable. We love this bed and wouldn't like to live without it.


I had a onerey bed I was waking up every two hours not getting no sleep and I have back issues and I was sweating every night when I bought my new adjustable bed I'm sleeping from 8pm to 9am next day I like the zero gravity position and the massage watching TV I put head peace up with out heap of pillows now I'm waking up each day better no sweating it's doing my back better and the mattress so comfortable adjustable massage bed I recommend at any time


For anyone who has difficulty getting comfortable, or has to spend a lot of time in bed, this bed will help.

The various adjustments make it easy to find a position that suits.

The massage function is a bonus, gentle but effective, and great after standing all day.  


Had our beds delivered Monday and what a difference they have made to our lives, waking up fresh and positive is impacting our lives and business in a great way.

The knowledge of the product from the salesman Romi is phenomenal.

Wish I bought these beds years ago. It’s so good we bought one for our 6 year old son which he is also sleeping better and his study has picked up at school.

Best part is I’m not snoring and my wife is very happy!


Very happy with the whole process, from purchase, to communication, to delivery and, then finally, to bed.

First night in the bed was the best sleep I have had (sober lol) in about 10 years or more.

Only woke up once, compared to multiple times, but that was due to the dog needing to go outside. Had no restlessness.  Didn’t change position once, as opposed to about 10-15 times a night.

Would highly recommend to anyone with sleep issues / discomfort etc.


I am extremely happy with this product, so much that when my son lay on it he got so jealous that I had to order him one as well. I have let all my friends try it to compare with their own beds and love it too so don’t be surprised if you get more orders in the not too distant future. The delivery guys were absolutely amazing, nothing was too much trouble and when there was a minor problem with the motherboard, it was swapped over straight away without any problem. The office staff are also very professional, and it was a pleasure doing business with this company and other companies could take a leaf out of their book. Their standards are extremely high.

Thank you so much we love it.


I have Fibromyalgia, Arthritis & Scoliosis, among other things. While these 3 conditions will never be cured, having somewhere to relax is a godsend. My body just relaxes into the mattress with ease. I really can’t describe how comfortable the mattress is. Best purchase I will ever make.


This bed is so comfortable and has so many great features, I love it! And my first night of sleeping on it, I woke up without any back pain, for the first time in ages! The sales team were so helpful and accommodating when purchasing my bed. I just love relaxing in my bed now! 


Thank you for delivery of my dream bed..
This is something new for me, and will experience a change in my lifestyle for better living. Also to the delivery driver Josh Smith for explaining with clear and understanding instructions ..a real pleasure to be associated with the company..... Thanks very much


Using the adjustable bed has been of benefit with my asthma and reflux (adjustable recline of upper body), neuropathy in lower legs (adjustable lower body section).

Vibration massage is very soothing and relaxing as well as easing aches and pains overall. Extremely comfortable for extended periods of bed rest.


The comfort felt from sleeping in the zero-gravity position has to be experienced to be appreciated. Both my wife and I adapted to this sleeping position without delay or adaption at all. Now when we put the bed in the flat position, we both feel as if we are laying on top of a large ball (bent backwards and quite uncomfortable)

I didn’t expect that I would use the massage facility but once my wife started using it on her side, I decided to give it a go. I now use it every night often for 2 or even 3 x 30-minute cycles. Terrific.

We showed it to our neighbours when they were here over Christmas and showed them how it operated then left them alone for a while. They were most impressed with its operation as they currently have a bed that has a manual elevation facility but for the whole of the upper part of the bed not separate sections for each side.

We will be away on holiday later in the year and both wonder how we will adapt to sleeping on a regular bed again?

Thank you for a great product. It is a joy to be to bed at night and very hard to leave in the morning. I definitely sleep better and a less interrupted sleep than before we had out adjustable massage bed.


I can finally sleep comfortable now that I can adjust the bed to suit my back. I could never get comfortable and would wake with pain on a standard flat bed, but now with the adjustable bed I can set it to suit my body shape.

Love it.


Have had my adjustable mattress for 3 weeks and love it! I turn the massage setting on 30 minute time and fall asleep with it.

The zero gravity setting is fantastic as soon as I get in bed. Heaven!


The massage of the bed has helped my aching legs.

I am nowhere near as sore as I used to be before buying the bed.


My husband and I thought a great deal about the outlay for this bed, but we are so happy that we realised the benefits we would receive on using this bed.

I don’t know if I could go back to sleeping on a normal bed again.


had me bed about a month and im delighted, I use a cpap machine due to sleep apnea and have struggled to sleep for a decent period of time, since new bed it's great, I had one part of our king start to make a noise, contacted the guys and sorted straight away, very minor issue.
There is a down side I guess I must mention, what they don't tell you is that you dread going away for a weekend as you will not get the quality bed and sleep lol.


My wife and I have enjoyed this bed with a better nights sleep.

My wife had restless legs and edema problems and I had sleep apnoea which is much improved.

My wife says I do not snore as much which helps greatly.


I was really nervous about buying this bed as it was a sight unseen purchase (who buys a bed without lying on it??) I bought it direct from the company in QLD and its not a small investment so it was a huge risk.

To add to that I've had a Tempur mattress that has literally been the best I've ever slept on. My husband really didn't want to part with it, but I wanted a bigger bed and an electric bed as I sit up in bed a lot propped up on pillows, as well as elevating my legs with another pillow.

My parents have seicoup electric bed and rave about it but I don't like their mattress. Our California king arrived today and the delivery guys were fabulous. Efficient, helpful, polite. Excellent customer service. I've already had a nap on it today as I'm 8months pregnant, so it couldn't arrive at a better time. It absolutely rivals my old favourite the Tempur, the underbed lights are great and the USB means one less power point needed. Very happy I took the risk. Very very impressed all round.


Just like to say thanks to better living for the bed we purchased about 7 months ago
I didn’t want to jump in and post a review immediately as it’s not a true review in my eyes
My partner and I have been waking up feeling refreshed now since purchasing the bed
It’s also got quite a few awesome features which you don’t really know your missing until you’ve actually had a bed like this
  • Different modes of massage,
  • Different memory settings to set the bed base in different positions,
  • Under bed led lighting ( great for when you get up in the middle of the night to grab a snack without waking your partner )
  • Led torch in the wireless remote,
  • And 2x usb charges built into the side of the bed
Thanks again, Mick