NDIS Information

BETTER LIVING Australia is a registered NDIS provider.
What is the NDIS?
The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is an insurance scheme especially designed to focus on investing in people, offering support and services to Australian individuals up to the age of 65 who are living with an impairment or significant disability. NDIS provides partial or complete funding of items, such as Better Living Adjustable Massage Beds, that will help and support the individual, their carers and their families. This scheme offers all Australians peace of mind knowing their loved ones are getting the support and help that they need. Give our office a call for more information on the NDIS on 1800 253 893.
How can BETTER LIVING Australia help you?
Here at BLA we believe you deserve a better quality of life as well as sleeping comfortably in one of our luxurious medical beds. The benefits of owning one of our beds is not only exhilarating, but the health benefits are more than outstanding.  Assisting with stress and anxiety, relieving your sore muscles and joints, helping to give further independence while increasing flexibility and mobility and so much more. Nothing is as good for your health as sleeping properly, which is crucial to your health and wellness.
What is a Hi-Lo adjustable bed?
The Hi-Lo Adjustable, zero gravity Massage System offers pressure-less and weightless sleeping which relieves the stress on your body by evenly distributing your weight and positioning the feet above the heart which instantly takes pressure off the heart. People who have back pain or who would like to increase their circulation often find this position extremely relaxing and often pain free. While you sleep, your body is working to sustain your mental health and keep up with healthy brain function which is why getting enough sleep is essential to maintaining great physical and mental health.
The Hi-Lo Adjustable Bed is not only electronically controlled but boasts features such as removable bamboo mattress covers, mesh for mattress ventilation, massage motors,  lockable castors and a mattress no slip bar. The Hi-Lo bed is purposely built and designed to provide you with almost any position you wish such as head and foot elevation, and more importantly being able to adjust the bed’s height by raising and lowering it making your bed more accessible for you,your family and carers. Picture a hospital bed, well that's exactly how our Hi-Lo Adjustable bed works but more luxurious, with many fabulous features and all in the comfort of your own home. If you have any questions on our Hi-Lo bed, please feel free to call our office a call for a chat.
BLA Therapeutic Sleep Systems
Our Dual Fusion Adjustable Massage Bed is made for you and your partner’s sleeping needs, you will never have to compromise your sleeping position again. In Fact the Pure Fusion mattress was engineered for sleep and to satisfy sleepers of any position… front, back, side and even on your tummy! Our beds not only seamlessly flow into your home but they fit most bed frames you already may have and love.
BETTER LIVING mattresses are made of the highest quality memory foam while the base layer offers a high density support foam that provides back support necessary for perfect comfort. 
In our opinion Bamboo covers are the healthiest material on the planet and we strive on only using  the best. Our Bamboo covers are made from 100% Bamboo cotton offering a soft, breathable fabric that not only suits all climates, but is also Hypoallergenic and Dust Mite Resistant.
Our Dual Fusion Adjustable Massage Bed is packed with fantastic features:
  • Head and leg elevation to allow the user optimal comfort
  • Steel frame design
  • Weight tested up to 250kg (each side)
  • Heavy duty Okin motors
  • Multiple adjustable positions
  • Height Adjustable Legs (the first company in Australia to offer this feature)
  • 10 Year Warranty on everything!
Extra fabulous features include:
  • LED Down Light
  • Vibration Massage with auto timer
  • Okin Motors with a 10 year warranty
  • Wireless remote with Touch
  • USB Ports
  • Height Adjustable Legs
  • Optional Bluetooth Control
Our range of Therapeutic Sleep Systems offer benefits for perfectly healthy people as well as those with health concerns.  
Why buy from us??
  • Registered with ARTG (Australian Register of Therapeutic goods) Better Living Australia  - ID. 225564 as a Medical Device
  • NDIS Registered Provider - ID.4050023798
  • Trusted and very well known brand
  • Professional and Amazing Customer Service
  • We have perfected our mattresses over the last 10 years and you will sleep well knowing that your sleep system has a 10 year warranty on everything! That includes the mattress, the motor and any moving parts
  • WE CARE!  Above All the Better Living Team care about each and every one of our customers like they were our only customer.  You can sleep easy knowing you are in good hands.
 At BETTER LIVING Australia we want to help as many people as we can to live a better, more active and pain free lifestyle. Not only are our beds designed to be the most comfortable sleep you will ever have, but also to assist in the symptomatic relief of many ailments in our lives these days. 
If you have any questions or queries please feel free to give our office a call on 1800 253 893 and have a chat with our friendly staff. We hope to hear from you soon! 
If you are an OT, Allied Health Professional, Doctor or Rehabilitation Specialist click on the link below.