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Why wake up tired and sore every morning?

Make the decision to feel better than you have in a long time with a bed from Better Living Australia.

Get the bed designed to make you feel better.

Sometimes, the answer to life’s aches and pains isn’t medicines, but a solid night’s sleep. Get the real rest you need from the Better Living Adjustable Bed, which includes the amazing Pure Fusion mattress specially designed for sleeping in any position (even if you sleep on your tummy).

Back Pain


Relieve Muscle
& Joint Pain

Lessen Foot

By adjusting to your body to give you support right where you need it, the Better Living Adjustable Bed eases the pressure on your muscles and joints and distributes your weight evenly to relieve the stress on your body. You’ll be able to sleep in the perfect position that suits your needs, so you’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated all over.

The best part is that you can save all your personal adjustments, so you don’t have to keep adjusting your bed every night. Now, you can look forward to waking up well-rested and ready for a bright new day, every day.

From raising your head slightly to open up your airways and reduce snoring - to elevating your lower body for relief from various aches and pains, your bed is completely customisable to you - giving you the best sleep you’ve ever had.

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No two sleepers’ needs are ever the same.
Why get a one size fits all bed?

Get a bed that adapts to you alone, even if you sleep. together.

Nobody has to give up the position that suits them best, because Better Living Adjustable Beds come in Queen, King and Super King sizes and features a split system that allows you to sleep your way without inconveniencing anyone else.

What’s the perfect partner to a good night’s sleep?
A massage, of course!

Your Better Living Adjustable Bed also comes with a built-in whole-body vibration massage feature to help you relax completely and make falling asleep that much easier. This state of physical relaxation has a positive effect on your mental state which helps you manage stress.

Rest your best in
Zero Gravity.

NASA has discovered the best body position for reducing pressure on their astronauts, and you can achieve that exact same state of relaxation with the Better Living Adjustable Zero Gravity setting.

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Resting easy shouldn’t have to be so hard.

Better Living Adjustable Beds aren’t just built to provide personalised comfort and ease pain, but to be as easy as possible to install and enjoy.

Better Living Adjustable Beds are super easy to assemble—no tools needed! All you have to do is unpack, screw in the legs, attach and plug in the mattress restraint, and place the mattress on top. It’s that easy!

You’ll be cooler in summer and warmer in winter with your new bed’s Pure Ambience Foam and hypoallergenic Active Charcoal. You’ll even get two Reversible Cool Warm Fabric Memory Foam Pillows that have a cooling effect on one side and a warming effect on the other.

And for added ease and convenience, your new bed comes with handy USB ports and lighting underneath.

There are just so many ways a Better Living Adjustable Bed makes it easier for you to get a great night’s sleep:

Easy to

10 Year

Free Shipping
Australia Wide

Cool Summers,
Warm Winters

Built-in USB
and Lighting

Easy Payment


You don’t have to wait before you can start sleeping and feeling better—you can buy your new bed online now, and take your time with interest-free instalment payments afterwards. And thanks to your new bed’s 10-year warranty, you can look forward to many years of great sleep and feeling great throughout your day.

You’ll also find it easy to get all the details you need about getting your own, and getting the most out of your Better Living Adjustable Bed from our knowledgeable sleep consultants.

If you are ready to start sleeping well, speak to our knowledgeable sleep consultants today and claim $500 OFF our beds & 2 free pillows (valued at $129!)

CLAIM LIMITED TIME OFFER: $500 OFF All Adjustable Beds!

Or Call 1800 25 38 93

Discover what you’ve been missing
in a good night’s sleep.

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Better sleep has changed their lives for the better.

I have Fibromyalgia, Arthritis & Scoliosis, among other things. While these 3 conditions will never be cured, having somewhere to relax is a godsend. My body just relaxes into the mattress with ease. I really can’t describe how comfortable the mattress is. Best purchase I will ever make.



The bed is DIVINE! I've had three nights of blissful sleep. The first night I woke up three times but fell back to sleep each time quite quickly. The second night I woke once but last night I slept straight through. I've not done that for 30 years, since I had the first road accident and cracked my spine. Wow!

Can't wait to get to bed now - LOVE IT! Before it was always painful after a few hours even with a firm orthopaedic bed.

The leg lift is actually beneficial in recovery from the surgery on my knee. It relaxes all the leg and ankle muscles. So, glad to not be sleeping in the lazy boy chair anymore.



Using the adjustable bed has been of benefit with my asthma and reflux (adjustable recline of upper body), neuropathy in lower legs (adjustable lower body section).

Vibration massage is very soothing and relaxing as well as easing aches and pains overall. Extremely comfortable for extended periods of bed rest.



Or Call 1800 25 38 93

Learn more about Better Living Adjustable Beds.

How is your bed able to relieve aches and pains?

The secret behind the Better Living Adjustable Bed is the Pure Fusion mattress, which is specially engineered to adjust to an individual sleeper’s position. This allows it to take the pressure off of key areas in the body, and to provide support where it’s needed most. This, in turn, allows you to fully relax, fall asleep faster, and enjoy deeper, more restful sleep.

Will sleeping in a split-type King or Queen-sized bed feel like sleeping in two separate beds?

Your new Therapeutic Sleep System can have the bases sync together to allow both of you to enjoy the bed as one.

Do you have spare parts and accessories?

Absolutely, and you’ll also be able to pay for these spare parts and accessories in interest-free instalments. These include silver and white remotes, link cord, power pack, mattress support bar, Bluetooth box control, CPU, adjustable bed legs and so much more.

Can I see the bed before I buy it?

You can arrange for one of our sleep consultants to get in touch with you and discuss your options, as well as confirm whether you can visit our showroom to see the different bed products in person.

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