Will an adjustable bed help me stop snoring?

Will an adjustable bed help me stop snoring?

Snoring!  Roughly 45% of adults snore!  It's an ongoing battle isn't it?  I recently went on a girls weekend away,  sharing a room with one particular friend and I was in dire need of earplugs  - Seven Eleven was shut as it was early hours of the morning and we had been out on the cocktails and champers!  I went to the lounge to sleep but another friend was on the sofa because her roommate was snoring, the bath was too small to sleep in  so with a heavy heart I stumbled back to my bed. It felt like the walls were rattling and my patience was running very thin. I prodded her, kicked her, pinching her nose (only for a good few seconds)  - OMG i just wanted to smother her with a pillow and make her stop but that obviously wasn’t an option! If only she were sleeping on an adjustable bed then I could have raised her head, which in turn would have opened her airways and her snoring might have been less painful for me!  Bingo problem solved!

The answer is  yes an adjustable bed can help stop or reduce the severity of snoring, and here's how. 

Lets understand in short what snoring is. Snoring is effectively noisy sleeping and occurs occasionally or every night.  When you sleep the throat muscles relax, the tongue falls backwards and the airway narrows causing the throat walls to vibrate  - this is known as snoring and it can be a gentle sound or the noise of a freight train whizzing by.

Let's evaluate how an adjustable bed can help someone who snores.  Factors contributing to snoring are: being overweight, nasal problems, drinking alcohol before bed ( maybe I should stop drinking this glass of wine next to me at 8pm at night!) allergies and the all important one - your sleeping position.  That's exactly where the adjustable bed comes in. As I mentioned earlier, snoring occurs when the throat muscles relax, the tongue falls back and then the vibrations start on the throat walls causing noise. Adjustable beds are not only luxurious and comfy but they give fantastic health benefits to people who snore ( thank God)  by raising the top part of the adjustable bed, this will help open the airway and reduce pressure on the throat muscles. Its proven that an elevated head on an adjustable bed  can help reduce the pressure on your throat muscles by elevating your head even just a few inches.

This simple move can help prevent blockages in your airways.   You know the drill of stacking pillows high to try and elevate your head then waking up snoring in an uncomfortable position as your head has fallen off the pillows and your neck hurts for the next week, well my friend,  no more. Not only do adjustable beds help with snoring they offer so many other benefits to enjoy such as whole body massage, restful sleep whilst refurbishing the body, assisting in relieving aches and pains, easing Sciatic and back pain and so many more!

By purchasing a BETTER LIVING Australia Adjustable Bed  you are investing in your health and well being and are so much less likely to be smothered by the person sleeping next to you all whilst minimising, if not stopping, your snoring!