Hospital bed VS BLA Adjustable bed

Hospital bed VS BLA Adjustable bed

People are always talking about the differences between hospital beds and adjustable beds, so let me go ahead and give you a run down on the differences between the two.

Both types of bed offer one main similarity  - that they both have adjustable head and feet ends, and then that's where the similarity stops!

Hospital beds are bulky, clinical,  have big wheels for easy moving, hard thin foam mattresses covered with a thick layer of uncomfortable vinyl but can be cleaned quickly and easy for patient turn around, side rails are built into the bed which can cause hindrance and because they are industrial designed they dont look pretty at all - in fact they are just plain ugly!

Where as  BETTER LIVING  Australia offers a luxurious and pretty looking range of Sleep Systems to meet all your individual needs. Their beds are designed for a seamless transition into your bedroom fitting into your current bed frame  (that you love so much) to blend in with your current bedroom decor and furnishings and they also come in various sizes depending on your needs. The Pure Fusion mattresses BLA have engineered are made with the highest quality of foam which boasts a firm side, but flip it over and you have a soft side so best of both worlds for couples who like different comfort levels.  The mattress cover is made from 100% Bamboo cotton that is a breathable fabric suiting all climates as well as being Hypoallergenic, fungal free and Dust Mite Resistant ( doing it for the environment ). The beds side rails are adjustable and 100% removable but easy to mount if and when needed. We all know a good night's sleep is incredibly important to your well being and mental health and I believe the BLA Sleep Systems offer a fantastic range of features and benefits to help you get the sleep your mind and body desires.

Some of the health benefits of sleeping on one of these awesome foam mattresses

  • assisting with stress and anxiety
  • relieve your sore muscles and joints
  • helping to give further independence while increasing flexibility and mobility
  • enhancing circulation
  • alleviating snoring, sleep apnea and asthma and so much more. 

Imagine waking up and feeling on top of the world because you have had a great night's sleep with minimal pain and can power on for the day! One of the fantastic features of these sleep systems is the whole body vibration  - OMG its amazing! 4 different speeds and pressures, I didn't want to get off the bed and could have settled in for the day with a good movie! Other features include USB ports - u don't have to get up to charge your phone, wireless remote control with torch, LED lighting under the bed to help you see in the dark, adjustable legs, optional bluetooth control and many more.

So hospital bed V adjustable bed :  the BLA Sleep System adjustable bed wins hands down every time!  Its luxurious, pretty, easy to use, the highest standard foam mattress with the healthiest Bamboo cover on the planet and it seamlessly can flow into your current bedframe and furnishings.  On that note I’m off to purchase one and make a list of Netflix movies I will be watching while relaxing in bed and not moving and looking forward to a comfortable night’s sleep and waking up feeling on top of the world!