What are the benefits of a memory foam mattress?

What are the benefits of a memory foam mattress?

Let’s start with the question -  What is memory foam?

Memory foam was initially designed by NASA over 50 years ago and was designed for seating in space crafts so that on take off astronauts would be comfortable and safe as memory foam molds to your body by using your own body’s heat and pressure to soften the foam creating a pressureless and weightless experience ( zero gravity).  Bet you didn’t know that did you?! Due to its durability, comfort and excellent pressure relief, memory foam started being used more widely and it became so popular that it is now being used in pillows, travel pillows ( moulds to your neck giving it maximum support ), shoes, bike helmets, wheelchair seating, of course mattresses and many more. 

There are stacks of benefits about memory foam mattresses, such as health and lifestyle choice.  I'm going to delve into some of these so you can clearly see and understand what the benefits are.

In my opinion the number 1 benefit of a memory foam mattress is the support it offers as it relieves pressure points by allowing your body to sink and mould into the mattress itself whilst distributing your body weight evenly giving a sense of weightlessness.  OMG it’s amazing trust me on that! 

Another benefit would be the amount of back support and spine alignment it gives. A memory foam mattress supports each part of the body evenly distributing your weight across the bed.  As the mattress moulds to your body, it supports the lower back and allows the spine to stay in a neutral position. 

We are all trying to do our bit for the environment,  well so is this mattress. The mattress cover is made from 100% Bamboo cotton that is a breathable fabric suiting all climates as well as being Hypoallergenic, fungal free and Dust Mite Resistant ( amazing and so good for the environment!)

I get sick to death of being woken up at night my dear husband,  whether he is tossing and turning as he cant get comfy or visiting the loo yet again. these memory foam mattresses isolate motion to one area meaning that he can get up and go to the toilet as many times as he needs too with disturbing me! 

Do you suffer from aches and pains?  Arthritis? Are they hindering your sleep?  Another great benefit with these mattresses is the pressure point relief and support it gives due to the memory foam moulding around your body, so think of it as basically holding up parts of your body such as hips, shoulders and heels to relieve pressure and dispersing your weight evenly through your body.  When we are in reduced pain we sleep better too so another benefit in a benefit if you catch my drift!!

Whether you sleep on your left or right side, back or tummy ( yes even your tummy) memory foam is designed to cradle every body part settling you in for a comfortable and amazing nights sleep. 

People who are bed ridden whether it be permanent or for a short period,  will understand how painful bed sores can be. Memory foam mattresses help prevent bed sores as again the mattress moulds to your body rather than it being forced onto a mattress..

Let's tie this up… In general memory foam mattresses have a nice, long life span unlike a spring mattress, there is no sinkage or sagging either.  You won't hear noisy, squeaky spring noises as the mattress ages, you don't have to worry about flipping the mattress every 6 months, it's very friendly for the environment and to be perfectly honest I don't see any cons only benefits!  

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