Is Zero Gravity one of the top 10 sleeping positions?

Is Zero Gravity one of the top 10 sleeping positions?

In my experience sleep is so underrated!  From the minute you have babies, don’t expect to get much sleep for the rest of your life!  Even my own mother tells me she still has sleepless nights worrying about her daughters even though we are full blown adults with our own growing broods.

Frankly there is no number 1 ( or 2,3,4 and so on) sleeping positions - because everybody is different  - different shapes, lengths, widths and your sleep position plays a big role in your quality of sleep, health and overall well being.  So with that in mind, let's have a look at what the number 1 sleeping position is for health reasons and for your body to work in its best way while you are catching some much needed zzzzz’s!

The best way for you to be sleeping is to be on your back, in an elevated position with your heart slightly lower than your feet so gravity can assist with your blood flow and there is no pressure on your heart.   It's all about the elevation people - We need to elevate! The reason that people don't sleep on their backs in a flat, normal bed is because there is an area of the spine that is completely unsupported by the mattress itself as it does not raise up to meet the arch of the spine,  hence your brain does not shut down and instead keeps telling you it's not happy and that's when you find yourself moving around and rolling over, tossing and turning. ( now on that note in regards to the mattress not supporting your arch and the crucial word ELEVATE don’t think you can chuck a pillow or 4 under your knees and then grab another couple and put them under your neck and head and then grab the remainder  20 pillows you actually don’t own and place them in any gaps between your body and the mattress! Just typing it and thinking about doing it makes me tired and truly it's unrealistic and not sustainable is it?)

Different sleep positions have different benefits and if you struggle with pain or other health issues then you need to re-evaluate your sleep position and change it up.  Even sleeping the wrong way can cause or aggravate back or neck pain and honestly, who wants to have to deal with and manage that? We mentioned gravity earlier and we all know how gravity works  (sometimes for the wrong reasons) and in the bed industry there is a lot of buzz around the words ‘zero gravity’.  I hear you ask what on earth is zero gravity?  Well zero gravity means pressureless sleep, it doesn't mean no pressure,  but it means that the pressure is distributed evenly over your entire body.  The zero gravity position offers benefits to people with breathing difficulties such as asthma, bronchitis, sleep apnea and snoring  as the elevation of the head allows the airways to open more. On the other hand, those who suffer with lower bad backs will find a real benefit with sleeping in a ‘zero gravity’ position in bed with our feet elevated as high as possible as this then elevates the pressure off the tailbone and lower spine whilst fully supporting the back.  Sciatica, this is a very common problem these days and I have a full understanding of the excruciating pain and debilitation it causes as my husband spent several months on the floor ( man flu at its finest) unable to move freely with this crippling problem.  

If we had had a ‘zero gravity’ bed in the house at the time,  his life (and mine) would have been made much easier with him being able to lie with his feet elevated - as high as possible, alleviating the pressure, pain and pinched nerves.  That's the easy part, once you have established the best way to sleep you then need to find a position that works best for you and is the most comfortable. As we know everyone is different  - even our spines are different, some are heavier than others, or curvier, others are bigger or thicker so there's no real sleeping position you can pinpoint that will be perfect for any one.  It all that trial and error stuff! 

At BETTER LIVING Australia we want every single person to be sleeping on their back with some form of elevation in a ‘zero gravity’ position.  Scientists have found that this position does more than just reduce pressure, it is an optimal position for the function of your body.  BLA sleep system beds range in different sizes and are infinitely adjustable, comfortable, luxurious and seamlessly flow into your bedroom and even into your existing bed frame ( if you want it to). They also come with many fabulous features to create an even more comfortable sleeping experience.